Italian is a language with deep cultural details. Learning and understanding it means access to the plays an important role in the cultural heritage of European history, precious humanities and scientific literature and Italian drama, music, opera, film and television works.

Italian is a language with a career prospects. Managers, investors, technicians, workers are able to cross the border to come into contact with Italy's industrial, industrial and service industries.

is a very happy experience in the full of artistic atmosphere of the city with charming natural scenery, speaking Italian side to visit our country, make the warm and hospitable people, will be very happy.

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the Italian national unity to embark on the external expansion of colonial road and the superpower appeared in Europe's political and diplomatic in. In the 19th century the 1960s to the 1980s successful erode the East African coast of the red sea traffic to Eritrea and south Somalia; seizing North Africa, Libya and Ai Yisi Hello de islands in 1912. In 1921, Mussolini's fascist party master the national authority. With Germany and Japan have signed a "iron and steel alliance" and "anti Communist" and a series of treaties set up the axis of the group to try to carve up the world. On the eve of World War II, in Europe, Albania, occupied Ethiopia in Africa, in 1940, Italy forces in the Mediterranean, North Africa, East Africa reached its peak. Then in fighting with the British Expeditionary Force suffered a string of hit atrophy, and in 1943 surrender exit axis group, overseas territory of collapse. After World War II, retaining only the domination of southern Somalia until 1960.

Italy is one of the six founding members of the European economic community was established in 1957. The economy was in the post World War II to 3 times before World War II, the growth rate of the rapid development, was at that time the western media as the miracle of the Alps to the South was the only Japanese and German growth rate more higher. 70 years due to the rampant terrorist organizations such as the red brigade and oil energy products sharply price increases in Italy's economy began to weaken. But in the 90's and suffered the economic and political crisis. In order to join the European Monetary Union (EMU), Italy had to tighten fiscal. Also in the wake of the 1992 some anti Mafia assassination, Italy decisively launched a struggle against the Sicilian Mafia Mafia). < p > Italy is located in southern Europe, mainly by the boots of the Apennine Peninsula and two located in the Mediterranean island of Sicily and Sardinia composition. Its territory is surrounded by two pocket -- in San Marino and the vatican. Because of its beautiful natural scenery and numerous human cultural heritage, Italy is known as a beautiful country. Italy is one of the highly developed countries in the world and is one of the founding members of the North Atlantic Treaty and the European Union. As a peninsula country along the Mediterranean coast, Italy has three species of land, land, and scattered islands. Italy the scenery of the North radically different, north of the Alps mountain is covered with snow all the year round, graceful, southern Sicily plenty of sunshine and refreshing. Any corner of the year, Italy, will not be disappointed.